Be Careful!

I was home in Manhattan for Thanksgiving and the weather was rotten. I think the temperature held steady at 27° starting Thursday evening and lasting until at least Sunday morning. Normally, 27° isn’t too terrible, but add to that, a nice steady rain and plans to help your sister move and you get rotten.

The move had to happen, so Friday we picked up the U-haul, making our way down ice covered streets to the house. In and out of the house, up and down the ramp with boxes and furniture, rain steadily coming down and turning to ice quickly on the ground. When the ramp got icy, we threw rock salt on it, making sure we were careful not to fall.

We filled the U-haul, and the Subaru and braved the icy streets to the new place, to start the unloading process. One thing about moving in weather like that, you’re motivated to get it done! Three hours from U-haul pick up to drop off!

Saturday, was washer and dryer buying day. We rented a pick-up, which had a sheet of ice at least 3 inches thick in the bed, after collecting freezing rain for 2 days, and off we went, taking care on the icy streets. We got to the house to pick up the washer and dryer and there’s a nice icy sidewalk… While the home owner unhooked the appliances, I borrowed his shovel and cleared away some of the ice from his sidewalk and the glacier from the bed of the truck. We got the washer and dryer loaded up, made it home, did a little ice removal (no we didn’t take a tarp), and hooked them up. Icy move complete and aside from a non ice related bump on the noggin, we were injury free.

Sunday, the weather was supposed to get worse, so I didn’t hang around for the day. On my way out of town, I finally had time to appreciate the upside of freezing rain; it gives everything an incredibly photogenic covering of ice. When the world looks like this, I must take pictures! Completely out of character for me, but because I was being careful, I actually pulled over at the scenic overlook just outside Manhattan on K-177. Yes, the very same highway mentioned in this post. As always, the views were breathtaking.

The sidewalks were icy, so I was employing the penguin walk and watching where I was putting my feet; also out of character for me. After taking my last picture, I started back to my car, about three steps later, my right foot landed wrong and I was falling backwards! I threw my right hand out behind me and landed hard on the palm of my hand and swore I heard something pop.

I stayed there on my back for a few seconds, first feeling embarrassed and hoping no one saw me, then angry at myself for falling. Realizing that lying there on the wet ice, in the rain wasn’t smart, I decided to get up. The good news was, my camera was in my left hand and survived the fall, the bad news… something was very wrong with my right shoulder; I couldn’t move my arm at all.

The drive home was interesting without the use of my right arm. Think about how much you use that arm when driving! My fresh cup of coffee taunted me from the cup holder, the one radio station played bad song after bad song, and the heater was never on the right setting.

After all those trips up and down the U-haul ramp, moving large appliances on icy sidewalks… It’s a short photo excursion, one in which I was making an extra effort to be careful, that I wipeout! Thankfully the shoulder joint was just jammed, nothing broken or torn. My excellent chiropractor had me back in working order in just a couple visits.

I think we mostly go through life being careful, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t going to suddenly find ourselves flat on our backs, having to get up, assess our wounds and get back on the road.

3 thoughts on “Be Careful!

  1. rebeccaashcraft says:

    I grew up in Wyoming, where it snowed from August to June, so I thought I was an expert on winter. But when I moved to the Midwest and experienced my first ice storm? I learned the true meaning of the word ‘humble.’ (By the way, you are the sister EVERYBODY should have.)

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