Everyone has some lofty dream of what they would do if they won the big money. In January of this year the jackpot was at some ridiculously high number, that I can’t even fathom, and there was much discussion at work about what would be done with the money. Immediate resignations would be sent, houses in the mountains or by the ocean would be bought, along with cars and fancy vacations.

When it was my turn to share what I would do with the winnings, my answer was perplexing to the rest of the group. I would buy a house in The Flint Hills. I realize to many, this may seem crazy; retiring to Kansas, when there are so many more conventional and “appropriate” places to retire to. I started thinking about this retirement dream. Why does it have to wait until I’m a certain age? Clearly the area is calling to me now, why not put this plan into action much sooner?

The next thing I know, I’m looking on Zillow to see if the house I half jokingly mentioned buying in November was for sale. My search reveals just one home for sale. A cute, little white house with a front porch, on a nice corner lot. Immediately, I sent the link to my mom, two of my sisters and my cousin. All thought the house was cute; both sisters seem concerned only by the door less root cellar; a.k.a. Boogey Man hole, that looks directly at the house.

Mom, on the other hand said the root cellar was the perfect place for me to store my canned goods and raise bats. Yes; canned goods, bats and me. All in the same sentence. I realize this is a new and surprising journey for me, but I don’t see canning and batting as a part of it! I’m pretty sure, for me, this space would be used as an absolute, last resort tornado shelter only. And, the first order of business would be to install a door!

As I looked through the pictures of the house over the next couple days, I realized I was mentally moving in. There’s a shed in the back yard that would perfectly accommodate the potter’s wheel I just researched building. I’ll paint the interior, take out the carpet. My bookcases would go on this wall. I’ll need a rocking chair for the front porch.

I never did buy that Powerball ticket. I decided I didn’t want to pin my dreams on winning numbers. If I wanted this, I would make it happen on my own. And just maybe, I’ll even take the leap and actually contact an agent and see about having a look at the house.

3 thoughts on “Powerball

  1. Rebecca Ashcraft says:

    I saw a Jungian analyst for years, and learned during that time that a ‘house’ is the most powerful dream symbol for a ‘life.’ The fact that you are mentally filling this house with such comforting artifacts (the bookcases, a rocking chair, the potter’s wheel that you plan to create yourself) is a very good sign.

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