Assessing the stuff…

Treasures. Stuff. Clutter. Junk. We all have it, most of us even have a drawer or maybe an entire room dedicated to it. I’ve struggled with too many possessions for many years, though, I should point out here, that I am not a hoarder. My home is clean, you can easily walk through each room. I just have a lot of things, and I find it hard to get rid of them. If there’s a memory attached, I’m likely convinced I’m keeping that thing forever! I’ve been told by both sides of the family that I come by this quite honestly.

3 years ago, I moved from a 2,000 sqft house I had lived in for 13 years to an 1,100 sqft, two bedroom apartment. I needed an apartment this large for just me and my treasures. I was proud to have so many possessions and I was convinced I needed them all and more. The rooms were well furnished and the closets full of items waiting to be used or displayed later.

After about a year in the apartment, I began to realize how much I was spending on such a big apartment just to house my stuff. Did I really need this much space and this much stuff? The conclusion was no, I did not need either. I decided to move into a smaller space, I knew this was the only way I was actually going to get rid of things. This, however; presented me with quite a challenge… Deciding what to get rid of and actually doing it.

I started with the easiest thing I could think of, anything that could be scanned or uploaded into digital format got the treatment. Music CD’s, keep the music and get rid of the clutter. Pictures were transferred from CD’s to external hard drives and negatives were scanned. Paper work was also scanned, no need for a filing cabinet anymore! Next up was movies I was sure I wasn’t going to watch again and books I wouldn’t read again. Before long I had several boxes dropped of at Half Price Books, a little change in my pocket and I felt pretty great to be rid of them.

Inspired by the feeling of letting things go, I kept at it. Some items required an internal battle, but more often than not, I won and the thing went out the door. I moved into a much smaller space, 2 bedrooms in a fully furnished house. Some of my things went into storage, some in the house and even more were donated or sold. I continue to chip away at the clutter, in fact, as I sit here and think about the things that are in storage, I realize I’m paying more to store them than it would cost to replace them. Looks like I’m about to get rid of even more junk!

4 thoughts on “Assessing the stuff…

  1. rebeccaashcraft says:

    I also have way too much *stuff* – and I say it would be great if people decluttered each other’s ‘treasures.’ A more objective set of eyes would walk through my house and say, “Oh, no. NO, no, no. This junk needs to move out…” (Or maybe I could convert to Buddhism? They don’t seem to have a problem taking *stuff* to Goodwill.)

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