I’m really trying curb my redeveloped junk food habit. Today; however, the ice cream sandwiches were calling me. I rode my bike nearly 25 miles today, so I decided to indulge.

I removed the cat, crawled off the couch, stepped into my flip flops, walked to the grocery store. I head right for the ice cream, only to find this…

I sure didn’t want a birthday cake ice cream sandwich, so I kept looking and I found these…

Mini ice cream sandwiches!? What a ridiculous idea! I didn’t really have a back up plan, so I kept looking…

Just when I was beginning to wonder if drumsticks would do…


On my walk back, I text mom to tell her the story. She tells me she bought ice cream sandwiches yesterday. And, toffee ice cream bars. Interesting bit of information, since these were also in my bag when I left the store.

One thought on “Indulgences

  1. Doc Arnett says:

    I used to buy ice cream sandwiches from Merritt Jordan’s General Store in Browns Grove, Kentucky, back in a previous century… great comfort food!!


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