Super Hero parties

My sister is having a birthday party for her son. She sends this message to the family “So it’s gonna be a Super Hero party, trying to figure out how many kids will be there so I order enough capes, if any adults (*cough Amy) would like a cape as well you may need to purchase your own but let me know! 😂

Having already attended a Super Hero party, I am prepared for this one! I said “I’ll just wear this, if that’s ok.”

8-11-2016 11-19-54 AM

One niece says “OH MY GOD”

Another niece says “I have the same underwear, Amy!”

I say “Please wear them to the party!”

My sister says “I didn’t think I’d have to say this but I’d appreciate everyone wearing their underpants… Under. Their. Pants. Thanks!!”

I think they really make the outfit! And, really how often do you get to wear the same costume to a 55 year olds party AND a 4 year olds! I guess I’ll go out in search of a Super Hero costume that has the under pants, under and save the Superman outfit for another time.

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