Love what you do.

When I think back on my aspirations as a young person, there are many things I pictured myself doing for a living. Spending 8 hours a day in an office cubicle was never on that list, yet, for nearly 9 years I have done just that. First at a University and then at a law firm.

The money is good; I’ve paid off debts and actually have a savings account! The work is easy enough. The hours, vacation time and holidays are all great. I’ve met some great people and made some amazing friends. And, the view from the 28th floor is simply amazing!

How I ended up here is something of a mystery to me. I mean, I applied for and accepted these jobs, but I don’t really know why I did that. What I do know is this; I can’t stand it.

So. I quit. Today was my last day in an office.

What’s next for me? I’m not sure yet. As of this writing, I do not have another job lined up. I know I’ll have something soon, the Universe always delivers. The pay won’t be as great, the work will be harder and the hours will likely include evenings and weekends. And. It will be something I love.




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