New Glasses

I’ve worn glasses off and on my whole life and steadily since I was 15. When I was nearing 40, all of my older friends assured me that at my next eye appointment, I would not be leaving with single vision lenses.

I had watched these friends over the years do everything they could to avoid getting new glasses. They would tip their heads to read under their glasses, lift the glasses just enough to see below them or take them off. All of these things seemed like such a hassle. I assured them that if/when I needed to make the transition, I would simply just do it, instead of fighting it. Much to my delight, for the next four years, I did leave with single vision lenses. Yay, me!

As I approached my 45th birthday, I had begun to notice that my eyes were slow to make the focal transition between distance and close reading. This causes my eyes to tire easily when I’m driving or reading while watching TV. I also noticed in my classes that I was having a hard time seeing the difference between my work piece and the tip of my welding electrode, I was also having a hard time with some detail work in ceramics.

So, I made the appointment, during my exam, I hadn’t realized there was that much difference between “then and now.” I could still read the smallest line, it just wasn’t clear. I was super happy to see everything come back into sharp focus! I picked out new frames and was measured for the progressives. Which was interesting!! I got to wear this fun contraption on my new glasses and they took a 3D picture of me with an iPad. This picture will be sent with the glasses so they know where the center of my eye is in the glasses and can start the progression in the correct place.

Now I await the arrival of my new glasses! They’ll take some getting used to, but I can’t wait to get back to seeing things clearly!

5 thoughts on “New Glasses

  1. rebeccaashcraft says:

    Welcome to the club!! Don’t make the mistake I made when I decided bi-focals would be just as good as progressives. I spent a couple of weeks trying to step up on nonexistent stairs with every step (that may be what’s wrong with the Clydesdale’s gait) until my progressives finally came in.

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