Trust the Timing

I think we are always waiting for The Plan to be delayed. How often do things really fall into place in the allotted time frame? It seems like there is always some hitch, hiccup, bump in the road that pushes the time line out a little farther. So, we kind of plan for the inevitable delay, and when it happens we take the necessary measures to get moving forward again and give ourselves a new date.

The Plan was to give myself 6 months after finishing school to save up some money, finish out the lease on the rental house, and for lack of a better way of saying it, finish up living in Kansas City. I wasn’t allowing for any wiggle room on that. I was determined to be living in Matfield Green, in July of 2018.

Are we ever prepared for things to work out SOONER than we planned? I sure wasn’t. It turns out it is a lot more emotionally stressful for me when my plan gets bumped up instead of pushed out farther. So, when all the puzzle pieces fell together very quickly in the last month, I wanted to say “Wait! I’m not ready! I was prepared for this to all happen at a later date! I said July, not June!” I was telling my best friend this and she, being the wise one she is said, “When the Universe moves mountains for you, you HAVE to jump!”

I can hardly believe it, I’m moving to Matfield Green, next weekend! And, it’s not just any ol’ house in Matfield… it’s The Orchard House! I wrote about it for the first time in this post.

My Journey TO the Flint Hills is about to become My Journey IN the Flint Hills. It’s time to trust the timing of my life!

3 thoughts on “Trust the Timing

  1. Cindy Lee says:

    oh Amy!! congratulations!!! I am so very happy for you. you go get em girl. I honestly feel very blessed that I had the chance to meet you and work with you and follow your journey. I intend to continue following this too. love you my friend.


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