Ad Astra per Aspera

I had a conversation yesterday, about the Kansas state motto; Ad Astra per Aspera. It translates to: To the stars, through difficulties.

One of the women, a Kansan seemed shocked. She said “Why would you put “difficulties” on a state motto?” I replied “Have you seen Kansas!? Can you imagine traveling through here in a covered wagon?”

She agreed, but then asked “Why would you wish difficulties on people, though? Why put it in the motto??”

There are always going to be difficulties in everything we try to do. Sometimes, the difficulties are real mountains to overcome. Other times, they may simply be something we didn’t foresee, but not life altering.

I’ve always loved the motto. To me, it is the “To the stars” part that explains the rest. When we conquer those difficulties and reach the stars, how amazing do we feel? Don’t we tend to forget the hard times and relish in the knowledge that we persevered and reached our goal?

Ad Astra per Aspera, my friends! Ad Astra per Aspera.

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